They say often the best experiences come when you least expect them – this couldn’t have been more true one gorgeous, warm autumn afternoon when I discovered Madam Viet.

Whist driving down the ever too familiar charman road I turned my head only to discover a brand new restaurant that has become like honey to the Bayside bees – and it’s not hard to see why.

From the moment you walk in, there’s an immediate sense that you’re about to have a great night – the street-style art, warmth of the staff and upbeat vibe makes Madam Viet more than just a restaurant, but an experience that you want to last.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with owner and local restaurateur Phil Stubbs, to find out what inspired the concept and name of the restaurant .

“I have had this concept in my mind for about 8 years. It came about in our travels around Vietnam seeing the French colonial influence in food but more so in the local architecture. There are signs of this everywhere in throughout Vietnam.”

The name captures both of these colliding worlds, Madam an unmarried French woman and Viet meaning nationalism and resistance to foreign domination.

“This resistance and determination is non more shown in a place called Cu Chi where 220km of connecting tunnels were dug by the Vietnamese during the War against the west (60/70’s).”

Madam Viet

“These claustrophobic tunnels and ability to use what was available (very little) to fight the west were instrumental in defeating its enemy. To me it captures what absolute determination these people have and I have not seen anything like it in the world previously.”

While there’s no doubt that Beaumaris has been screaming for a restaurant like Madam Viet, I was curious to find out what was the thought process behind selecting the location.

“The location was appealing due to its proximity to home, the building was within our budget and the fact there were no other restaurants close by.”

Madam Viet

Of course in addition to the amazing ambiance, there’s the very important matter of the menu.

The restaurant offers an impressive wine list, cocktail list and a menu that takes your pallet to another level.  I was particularly impressed by the offering of matching wines to every dish, creating a real ‘all round foodie’ experience.

While my personal favourite item have been the amazing dumplings and out of this world ‘lost my cone’ dessert. The crowd has been loving “Madam clear egg noodle soup and the Dah Nang Donkey has been named the signature cocktail”, says Phil.

There’s no doubt that this brand new hot spot is making a permanent stamp in Beaumaris, with its boldness and freshness – I predict this is only the beginning.

“My hope is we provide a comfortable place for all to come and have a taste of the freshness and herb orientated dishes and drinks gifted to us from the Vietnamese people.”

Images courtesy of James Manson / CD Media. Artwork by Eddie Balic.