If there’s one thing I’ve learnt about fashion after years of attending shows, reading the books and admiring the glossy pages of the world’s best magazines – it’s that fashion is art, and for those lucky enough to be a part of the industry, it’s a way of life.

As I came across the Instagram page of Lauren (the fashion) Hunter, I knew she embodied that principle to a T– and I knew I had to find out more about the journey that has lead her to a career as a stylist.

For anyone who thinks you can’t ‘have it all’ – prepare to inspired as we talk all things fashion, style, motherhood and an industry that she is so very passionate about.

1. What has been your fashion journey so far?

My fashion journey probably started from when I was in my mother’s womb! I was born into a fashion family, going back to the 60/70’s in my grandparent’s era….to my mum & dad and now myself.

So, 3 generations – I’ve done it all…wholesale, retail, buying trips, distribution…. the works! My parents had a factory in Izett street Prahran with 130 staff.

I spent the whole of the 80’s in their factory hanging out with the designers, machinists and pattern makers or you could have found me in their womenswear store which was on Chapel street serving customers! My mum has been in fashion since she was 18.

My mother, Isabelle was born in Paris and was a designer & stylist so I learnt everything from her.

Just seeing her daily ootd are such fond memories & seeing her creations!

Although I adored clothing and fashion…I ended up studying Psychology, Natural Medicine and Holistic Counselling after school as I wanted to branch out and not choose the predictable easy way and move away from my family business…I became a holistic health coach for most of my 20’s then I had two children.

My love for fashion has always preceded and been in my blood.

So after not working for 7 years and being a stay at home mum I decided to bite the bullet and do what I truly love which is personal shopping & following my mother’s footsteps of fashion styling. It is second nature to be on a retail floor and dress someone or create a new look for them!

I thoroughly enjoy doing a full make over including hair and makeup! The whole time I was at home with my babies I was literally in stores or online shopping daily for friends, family, my hubby, my daughter & son – so I thought it was fitting to make something of it.

I was often stopped and asked “where is this & that from”, I wanted to share my fashion knowledge & share the love! I am hoping my journey will continue for a long time as I can see my 6-year-old daughter taking it all in & loving our shopping expeditions…

2. What do you love most about fashion?

I honestly love most things about fashion. There is nothing I don’t love about fashion. I love fashion mainly because it is an extension of my extroverted personality! It is a way of expressing myself as a woman & it is just so so so much fun.

One of my favourite feelings when shopping is bringing my item home in the bag and hanging it for the first time in my closet. I take a moment to embrace my new purchase & I enjoy staring at it in awe – all nice and neat on the hanger!!!

It’s like a piece of art for me! I love the way fashion & clothing can alter your state of mind and your MOOD!

Fashion is ever evolving & I crave keeping up with the latest trends.

Fashion makes my life fulfilled!

Putting on a new outfit or even reviving an old item is my creative outlet, I’m constantly creating my next look and outfit in my mind.

I love buying something from somewhere unusual & people asking me where it’s from and then seeing their reaction – fashion is about style and class.

I think if you truly understand high end fashion then you can translate it and buy items cleverly for everyday wear. It’s not about fast fashion too much either, I like simple and elegant dressing with a mixture of all labels!

3. Who would be your dream client to style and what look would you want to create for them?

My dream client would be Gigi Hadid or Rihanna.

Their look would be edgy and definitely sexy

4. What do you think is the hottest trend this season?

The hottest trend this season is double denim, band tees, flares, fishnets, canary yellow, khaki, waist clinchers!

Dresses over jeans!

5. What are the 3 key pieces every woman must have in her wardrobe?

3 keys pieces would be – great fitting blazer, white shirt or tee & phenomenal denim, also a LBD of course! Is 4 allowed ha ha!

6. Where do you most love to shop?

I love to shop at Chadstone – it now has such a diverse range of shops with all budgets in mind! I do also love to shop online.

7. Who is your favourite Australian designer and who is your favourite international designer?

Favourite Australian designer is Scanlan Theodore or Camilla and Marc.

My favourite international designer is Balmain and Gucci has always been my fave.

8. What is fashion in 3 words?

Fashion in 3 words is minimalistic, polished effortless!!