What does fashion and food have in common? There’s always a booming trend – and it’s hard to deny that something about the sweet temptation of doughnuts has taken the foodie scene by storm.

But with so many options popping up left right and center, how does one create a unique concept to take that boom to the next level?

You combine culture, flavour, passion into one perfect symbiosis – the result… The Oakleigh Doughnut Co.

Set in the heart of Oakleigh’s foodie scene, brothers and long-time hospitality entrepreneurs Yani and Nic Kabylakis have taken their customers on a sweet cultural ride with childhood inspired flavours and coffee that will satisfy the even the quintessential ‘coffee snob’.

Sitting down with one half of the dynamic duo, Yani, it wasn’t hard to see why rain, hail or shine there’s a line around the corner – his passions creates a vibe that is simply addictive (not to mentioned the mind blowing strawberry cheesecake doughnut I was trying to eat ever so elegantly).

What inspired the concept of the business?

“We wanted to bring a boutique style cafe to the suburbs – it’s no secret that there is a doughnut boom at the moment, we’re taking that boom to the next level.

“We grew up in the suburbs, and have an appreciation for cultural flavours, so when we decided to open The Oakleigh Doughnut Co, it was about taking the flavours we grew up with and creating one place where they all came together as #TheNewClassics.”

“Food has always brought people together – and where better to see that than the heart of the suburbs.”

What inspired the name The Oakleigh Doughnut Co?

“Part of the name is reflective of specialising in the area of doughnuts, these aren’t just doughnuts, their flavours that can spark a childhood memory, a feeling, a new taste-bud you didn’t know you had.

The name was also our way to give back to the people of Oakleigh – that’s what this is all about, it’s all about the people.”

What flavour should everyone be lining up for?

“Strawberry cheesecake (he’s not lying I could barely contain myself through the entire interview), Galakdough, Bakladough”

Oakleigh has always had such a great vibe – especially when it comes to food, but what was it that made you set up shop here?

“Oakleigh has always been a food hub, so setting up in Oakleigh is like coming home.

We’re part of the second boom focusing on continuing to create a sense of community for the people around and those visiting.”

It wasn’t at all hard to understand what Yani was talking about, as we sat for the interview the community feel was undeniable, not just from patrons, but surrounding cafes – waves, handshakes, satisfied customer, congratulatory exchanges – we could all learn a little something here.

“There is no sense of competition, we’re all friends, we all support one another and we’re here for one purpose –  to give back, continue creating great flavour and maintain a foodie hub.

What is it like working with family?

We’ve been working together for as long as I can remember, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What does the future hold?

We’re content with what we’ve established, but of course we’re also excited to keep growing the business, introduce new flavours, continue recreating the classics.

We’ll always be looking at what our customer need and think creatively to make that happen.

There’s so much potential – watch this space…

This interview a has been condensed and edited.

Photos courtesy of: Eight Clients