When it comes to wine I believe each bottle has a story, and often if you take the time to taste (and I mean really taste) each sip, all the elements of that story begin a tasting sensation on your pallet.

In case you can’t tell wine is a great passion of mine, which is why I was so excited to collaborate with the amazing team from Winebubble and talk all things wine and business.

The company focuses on bringing the most divine wines from Australia and around the world to your home, there’s something for every pallet, every budget and every level of expertise – it’s basically like having a personal wine shopper.

But before we get to the serious stuff…

Here’s a look at my afternoon sampling some of the company’s most exquisite red wines – it’s a tough gig but someone’s gotta do it!

My afternoon of tasting began with the La Bestia Governo, All ‘Uso Toscano Sangiovese – there is an immediate bold aroma the moment the cork pops out, each sip builds a layer of flavours both bold and fruitful. There is a complexity that almost feels like a warm hug on a winter’s day, but at the same time is incredibly smooth.

Next the San Luigi, Collezione di Famiglio, Sangiovese, Tuscany.

Just as a side note tasting all these beautiful wines almost makes you feel like you’re in the heart of Tuscany, the aromas are simply divine.

This Sangiovese was slightly softer, but still very much complex in the depth of flavour – paired with a beautiful cheese platter, it’s a lovely easy drink with delicious fruity tones.

Finally the journey ended in the taste sensation of Spain with beautiful Era Costana, Rioja Crianza. This divine Tempranillo is a complex, yet very smooth bouquet with a hint of oak. It would be easy to imagine this with a beautiful steak – yet also perfect with a good cheese platter.

Following this extensive ‘research’ – I had to find out more about Winebubble and why wine is certainly having a moment…

What inspired Winebubble?

“Having enjoyed and studied thousands of amazing wines from around the world, I realised Australian consumers don’t have the ready access or guidance to enjoy these wines that we should be a major part of the global wine market.”

“We want to help wine lovers (current and future) to enjoy and explore international wine, with help and guidance as well as great value. It is often the guidance and great value that is lacking in most instances.”

How does it differ from other wine companies?

“We offer a better experience.

This starts with unique wines and brands not available elsewhere – international and Australian wines. We have one of the broadest and best priced global wine ranges in Australia, particularly within independent retailers.”

“We offer guidance on all our wines and focus on linking them to a consumer’s own wine style or food dishes.”

“And we are trying to connect with consumers’ lives and wine preferences through social media and offering a fuller retail solution, which surprisingly isn’t commonly offered.”

What inspired the name of the company?

“Winebubble and our logo reflect our conversation with consumers.

Having your own wine bubble to converse and explore wine in your own personal way and your own time in multiple ways.”

Which wine should we all be drinking in; red, white, sparkling

“Australian wine lovers have great wines available locally and should be looking to spread their wings to great Australian wines made from European grapes.”

“Think Sangiovese or Tempranillo for reds, or Arneis and Fiano for whites.”

“As the 5th largest wine producer globally, Australia still has a well of delicious international wines to explore.”

“Wines that have been made for centuries alongside their local foods for instance South America: Argentinian Malbec, Chilean Pinot, Chilean Merlot.

For hot white wine: French Picpoul, Spanish Albarino”

What are your hopes for the future?

“Our hopes are to continue the exploration of international wine for Australian consumers.

We have changed our food tastes dramatically over the past 30 years: it’s wine’s time now.”