Whether at the office, with your family or amongst your group of friends, we’ve all been faced with the question – What do I get my Kris Kringle?

These gifts can range from the cheeky to the personal, and of course my favourite – the stylish.

So when you pull a name out of a hat this year – Don’t panic! I’ve got you covered.

Here’s the Coffees & style top 5 selection for the most stylish Kris Kringle…

Miss Morgan, Inspo Pencils, RRP $17.95



The Daily Edited, Burgundy iPhone 7 Plus Case $49.95


Go-To Skincare, Peachy Set, The Peachy, RRP $50


Glasshouse Fragrances, Christmas collection miniature candle trio, RRP $49.95


Summer Love Scrub, Coffee scrub, RRP $18