Every year around half way through January, many of us begin to forget about those ‘New Year resolutions’ we made on the 1st – life starts to get in the way, time escapes us and we start putting them aside until ‘next week’.

This year I began to wonder why, why is it that while we make time for our boss’s goals and family’s well-being, we find it so difficult to stick these infamous lists we make for ourselves.

Then I got to thinking, could it be because of what’s on those lists?

I mean really, does you list really represent your goals, your resolutions, your dreams – or could it be that it’s become the same systematic list we all do every year? Lose weight, save money, go on ‘a holiday’, meet a partner, change jobs etc. – sound familiar?

But what would happen if you took a different approach?

What if your ‘resolutions’ became more than just that, what if you wrote down 3 things that would make you happy, that would set your soul on fire – and then actually tried them.

How about trying a dance class, saving for a holiday to a specific country you’ve always wanted to visit, aiming to socialize more so that you can meet a partner, or starting that business idea that you’ve always been afraid to do – how about instead of just writing the same list, you ask yourself…

What would make me happier this year? And then take the steps, one by one to make that happen.

Now, full disclosure, I am not a therapist, I am not a coach and I couldn’t possibly predict what would make everyone happy – but I am a girl who has spent far too much time making the same list, year after year, well no more.

So this year I challenge you (and myself) to do it your way, it’s time that our goals reflected our true selves, not the ‘hot bodies and success lists’ we see in magazines and on social media – and if you do want to get fit and be more successful – awesome! But find a way that will make you that little happier.

Because in the end, when the next New Year’s Eve rolls around, wouldn’t it be nice to reflect back and see how many moments made you smile?