Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a big gift giver – so much so that I even made gift guides part of Coffees & style.

I love discovering new and interesting ways to say; Thank you, Congratulations on your Engagement, Well done on your new job or simply just – I love you…

The problem is, there are very limited ways to gift ‘outside the box’ – which is exactly where Dessert Boxes came in to swoop the gifting market.

I first came across this innovative business when I was searching for fun and unique gifts – and I can tell you they have been a massive hit, only a few months later I saw the team shine on Shark Tank and rest as they say ‘is history’.

So what is the story behind this innovative and delicious business?

I sat down with the team to talk all things gifting, desserts and the recipe for success.

How did the idea for the business come about?

It was a week before Valentine’s Day in 2017 and we thought to ourselves, what cool gift giving idea is there other than flowers and balloons?

How awesome would it be if you could send someone a box of desserts and donuts delivered straight to their door!

So we got to work and created a Nutella themed Dessert Box and sold 400 boxes in 5 days.

This was our first ever box:

What is the formula for a perfect gift?

Surprise, cheekiness & sugar!

Surprise them with an unexpected delivery, leave them a cheeky message and sprinkle the gift with a whole lot of sugar!

Congratulation on landing a deal on Shark Tank! How has it changed the business?

Thank you!

Since Shark Tank, we’ve launched a national range of Dessert Boxes so that people all over Australia can join our war against boring gifts!

We’ve also moved into a bigger space and have grown our team so that we can keep offering new gifts and awesome service.

We’re working on a few more cheeky/inappropriate gifts that you can send someone.

If you thought the rude finger was good, wait till you see what we’re working on next!

Who would be your dream celebrity to create a gift box for? And what would you put in the box?

Chrissy Teigen! (I hope she see’s this hahah)  – She has such a fan attitude and social media presence, she also loves to cook!

Rumour has it that her favourite things are Ranch Dressing & Pineapple on Pizza, so we’d have to create a Ranch flavoured doughnut with a pineapple flavoured syringe!

What does the future hold?

A whole lot of innovation, creativity and happy gifters!

To create you next perfect gift head to: