Since it’s opening in August 2017, Sash Japanese has certainly had our tastebuds dancing – with it’s innovative flavours and inventive creations.

But just when you thought you’ve tasted the best of what the team had to offer – they shake things up!

The new menu has something for everyone – from the classic Sash favourites like tacos and pizzas – to fresh and flavoursome delights like the spicy tuna (which I absolutely loved!) and soft shell crab sushi.

The menu takes diners on a foodie journey, exploring bursts of flavour with delicious cocktails to match – making it a truly delightful evening.

I have the absolute pleasure of sitting down with the team to discuss all things food and the future.

What inspired the new menu?

As we expand our model and hit business district locations we knew we needed to have some finer, cleaner dishes that you could eat every day.

Most of our most popular items are rich and quiet heavy, so it’s not something you eat all of the time, and if you were wanting a delicate, healthy meal there weren’t enough options.

So we bought on a new executive Chef who has worked with the likes of Nobu & Sake – Raphael Santos who has some incredible sushi and sashimi creations and brings a whole new style and class to the menu.

What can guests expect?

Guests can expect all of their old favourites, our “hero” dishes like the spicy tuna taco, prawn sliders, Japanese nuggets, ahu tuna pizza and rice base pizzas are all still on the menu and can be found on the left side, being the “Street Smart” menu.

Basically meaning our fun, funky street style items.

Where the new sushi bar menu is on the right with some clean, delicate dishes. We think this 2 sides of the menu makes it super easy to read and understand and opens up Sash for all occasions.

What are the ‘must try’ dishes?

From the new menu my favourites the kingfish ceviche or the softshell crab roll with feta watermelon.

I could eat this every night!!

What are the ‘must try’ cocktails?

For the gals or the sweeter cocktail drinker the Geisha Girl or the Yuzu Cheesecake have almost become our signature dishes.

For something in-between our coco espresso martini or coco ginger ninja are super smooth and tasty and if you want something more heavy and masculine our smoking Japanese 1800 is an experience.

Sash has certainly gone from strength to strength – what do you think the secret is?

We are trying to find the balance of being different and creative and really pushing the boundaries, but still holding a class and “normality”

What does the future hold?

Being so unique and popular we think it has the potential to be in major cities all over the world!

But we aren’t getting too far ahead of ourselves as there is still lots of work to do in our backyard as we continue to improve Melbourne, rollout Sydney in October and expand across Australia