Since they opened their doors, Mr & Mrs P have made a mark on Melbourne’s foodie scene with inventive dishes, rich wine list and incredible cocktails.

With the cold season upon us, the team have come up with a heart-warming new menu that will have your taste-buds dancing and asking for more.

From rich broths and scrumptious seafood, to beautiful hearty meats and warming delicious pasta (the best gnocchi I’ve had in a long time) – this menu had it all. And just when I thought it couldn’t get more exciting – there was dessert! Without giving too much away, because it would take away from the fun, there is one dessert that takes you right back to your childhood in the best way possible.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with owner Greg Poliwodzinski and Head chef Calvin Katz to find out a bit about the inspiration behind the new menu …

Congratulations on an incredible new menu, what was the inspiration behind it?

Every menu created is always based around the time of year and seasonal produce available. Our menu has been loosely influenced by Japanese and European cuisine. They are our personal favourites when it comes to inventive food. We are very grateful from the great feedback we have received!

What new flavours can guests expect?

A lot of fresh ingredients, delicious spices and rich flavours that linger after each bite. Some gorgeous balancing of sweet, savoury and spicy throughout our menu. The Yokohama hot dog has quickly become a solid item on our bites menu that ticks all of the boxes.

There seems to definitely be some rich new flavours with this one – a lot of spices and broths, was that intentional as we’re heading into the colder months?


We’ve combined the rich buttery sauces complimented by the fresh herbs and condiments that create a explosion of flavour in your mouth. We wanted to start introducing these rich flavours on lighter dishes to get ready for our winter menu.

I know what my favourite dish was – but from your view, what is the MUST try dish?

The one that sticks out the most would be the calamari carbonara. It’s a dish that would be hard to come by anywhere else. It’s definitely a unique take on an Italian classic that always surprises our guests when it come to the table.

Which wine or cocktail would match best with each dish?

We’ve carefully chosen our wine list to not only complement our dishes but showcase some amazing local wine makers. It’s always important to have some real standouts that make for a memorable dinner date.

Our cocktail list I believe has a board range of flavours and textures, which both begin and complete a dinner experience at Mr and Mrs P.

Describe the new menu in 3 words?

Fresh, creative, mouth-watering.