When I first decided to take on Coffees & style – I started with an inspirational quote on Instagram, a quote about dreaming and adventure.

Therefore it’s only fitting that my first blog follows suit…

Needless to say I’m an absolute dreamer and hopeless romantic, so when I saw the trailer for La La Land many months ago, I had no doubt that I would love it, but what I didn’t expect (nor did most people really) is how much the world would fall in love with this beautiful, inspiring, soulful musical.

But why?

I believe it has something to do with the fact that we have been told long ago to stop dreaming, to be ‘realistic’.

And so through all the daily sombre, sadness and overall despair – where amongst all that is there room to talk about dreams? About love? About hope….and the movies began to reflect the tone.

So how is it that in amidst all this ‘reality’ a movie about 2 young dreamers who fall in love seem to have stolen hearts, awards and praises?

Because the truth is we’re not ready to give up on the notion that dreams still exist – any dreams! The truth is we want to see a film that reminds us of those emotions, a film that embodies what we once believed as kids and were told to stop believing as adults.

And whilst the news will always be what it is, one thing should never change…

Your ability to dare to dream, dare to love and never let anyone limit you.

Image courtesy of Entertainment One Australia