When an event promises diamonds, champagne and inspirational stylish speakers, you know you’re in for an unforgettable night, and when it’s hosted by the Collective Hub and Hardy Brother – that’s exactly what you get.

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Style and Sucess event and no doubt it lived up to the name – every angle of the beautiful Hardy Brothers store was filled with stunning jewellery, endless champagne and some of the most stylish women around, making their guests feel right at home.

Hosted by the incomparable Lisa Messenger,  the evening’s guests included Colette Werden, Amy & Sarah Chamberlain from the Real Estate stylists and Erin Maxwell.

Upon first glance at this post or even the event itself it would be easy to assume that this was all glitz, glam and fashion – but what it often overlooked by anything with the word ‘style’ is how much it actually affects our everyday lives – and how much inspiration ‘women in style’ can be.

I was blown away at the candid and raw bravery of each speaker, discussing their struggles, challenges and journey (yes I realise it’s most overused word at the moment) toward their own success – particularly when each admitted they are still learning every day.

On of the absolute highlights of the evening on a very personal note – was hearing Colette Werden describe a situation we as women know all to well – that conversation we have with oursleves in front of the mirror dail – and how that exact conversation can be the difference between a day of highs or lows.

This is what style and success is all about, the recognition that we’re all human and how transforming it would be if we all showed a little kindness to ourself – and often each other.

Of course I’d be lying if I said there wern’t some true hyperventilating moments when tying on th amazing jewellery, fairy certain one ring almost brought me to tears.

But that’s what it’s like about, seeing the depth and the beauty whilst also always having a little fun in the mix.

The hostess of the night, Lisa Messenger, could not possibly have been more gracious, kind and real.

One almost could allow themselves to forget for a mere moment of her tremendous accomplishments, as she circled the room listening so attentively to each story.

A truly unforgettable night, and a real reminder of the impact a little syle, a little bling and a whole lot of kindness can have.