I was recently on what can only be described as one of the oddest and most mortifying dates of my life; he was arrogant, condescending, inattentive – in other words a complete putz. The most annoying part was on paper he seemed perfectly lovely, so following many vent sessions to my girlfriends, I sat down and did what most of us girl do – I analyzed and re-evaluated.

Now I’m sure that the most predictable thing most people would say is “it’s because you met him on tinder.” Well let me burst that bubble right now – in the year 2017, if you are single, chances are you are dating on tinder, bumble, plenty of fish etc.

We have passed the era where online dating is some shameful taboo and entered a time when it’s simply our way of life – like every other form of social media.

So back to the analysis, here are just some of the rules I have discovered to surviving tinder – and maybe even giving yourself a chance of meeting the right one.

1. No face – no swipe.

If a man (or woman) does not want to show their face and try pass it off for some ‘professional’ reason – don’t even bother, chances are they’re married and just in town for the night.

2. “I have to be honest…”

You know how men have always been afraid of the 4 magic words ‘we need to talk’ – well when it comes to tinder it would seem like they’ve come up with their own golden line; “I have t be honest with you…”. 99.9% of time they are married, or looking for a threesome, or have a 50 shades closet…whichever option he’s no prince charming.

3, Remain mysterious

Whether it’s online dating or not, a little mystery has always been suggested to make them work a little harder in getting to know you. But additionally, when it comes to the likes of tinder – think of your safety, there’s plenty of time to reveal where you work, where your favourite cafe is – get to know him properly first.

4. Know what you want

This rule is important in all facets of dating – because until you know what you want it’s hard to understand what kind of man you want to attract, and don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t happen overnight. If I had a dollar every time someone said to me – maybe you just want too much…well I’d be living in a mansion. But you know what? When you do meet the right person, you can send them a serving of crow.

5. Be yourself!

I’m blown away at how many men (and women) fabricate some elaborate persona to attract someone, when in reality the truth will always come out!

We live in an age where one google search could give you someone’s entire biography.

There is someone out there for everyone – you don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not.

6. Know when to leave

So, following my own recent evaluation, trying to figure out where it all went wrong, I resized that I had forgotten one of my own rules – if it’s not going well, leave!

Remember those amazing contingency plans you used to have with your girlfriends in case it wasn’t going well? Bring them back! Know your worth and don’t waste 1 extra minute of your night with someone who isn’t worth it.

One of my favourite quotes of all time is from Eleanor Roosevelt who said “no one can make you feel inferior without your own consent” – Know you worth ladies, be safe and have fun….price charming is just around the corner, or at the next swipe.