From a young age we have all set standards for ourselves to reach; we wanted to be the pretty princess in the castle, the shinning knight that saves the day, we wanted to be the smartest at school, the fastest at sport, the prettiest at the party, we wanted to be that kid – but always dreaming of being someone else.

As adults, the principle of this theory didn’t exactly change – it simply altered to be; the thinnest, the most successful, the most ‘perfect’.

In an world filled with expectations – have we lost our sense of balance between who we are and who we expect ourselves to be?

There are cafes all around the world filled with individuals complaining to each other of what they haven’t achieved, haven’t found time for, of goals that seem out of reach, of celebrities in magazines who they will never resemble – people literally lose themselves every day due to expectations.

I can’t help but wonder are these expectations our own – or have we convinced ourselves that this is ‘the standard’ we must live up to.

The truth is if we all cut the time we spend stressing, worrying, crying over what isn’t there – we would be amazed at the time we acquire for what is – to read that book that’s been laying on your bedside for a year, to learn a language, to find love, to spend time simply with your friends, your family, on your own – to feel the joy of a balanced life.

Finding balance is the truly one of the key steps to happiness, especially when that balance is within yourself. So be happy, be satisfied, be content with who we are. We weren’t all born to be models, CEOs, actors, world leaders – yet somewhere along the way we have forgotten to celebrate our own achievements, to simply find joy in the life we lead every day.

In life there is no ‘one size fits all’ – find your own size and wear it proud!

Do yoga, dance on the weekend, start the week with a green smoothie, end it with a champagne – find what makes you happy and strive for your own success, be rich at heart and find richness around – our lives are our own and there for our taking.