Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt experienced all the hype of the recently released Wonder Woman film – in fact it has recently been named the most successful DC movie, which leaves the question – why?

I was at a dinner party recently and the topic of the movie came to surface, I was so excited to discuss it as I found the movie truly inspirational on so many levels, but the more I spoke to different people about it, the more I realized we all watched the same movie through completely different eyes.

“It’s basically about the whole girl power thing with a hot leading actress” was the general consensus, I couldn’t help but feel shocked at this point – particularly because I never remember anyone referring to superman as just a ‘hot guy’ in a tight outfit flying around doing “the whole man saves the day thing” (before a whole lot of people get their panties in a twist I love Superman and Batman etc that’s not the point).

“Isn’t that what you got from it Liz?” they asked.

The truth is, that’s not what I got from it at all, in fact the only “girl power” thing about the movie is that she happens to be a woman – in which case we should be calling the rest of the superhero movies “boy power” movies – which would obviously be ridiculous.

Wonder Woman to me embodies everything we are craving in a time where tragedy seems to have taken over our daily lives – peace, love and basic human compassion.

The idea that as a whole we are all born good, yet it takes an ‘evil power’ to overtake the mind of one or more, play on their weaknesses, their ‘dark side’ and lead them to monstrous acts.

While most superhero movies focus on one ‘arch enemy’ or revenge – Wonder Woman depicts the real world, be it as it was during wars past, or the tumultuous disparity we face today. Wonder Woman is the hero we’re all craving for – in our world leaders, in the news, in each other.

The film shows that only with love can anything be solved, only with love peace is actually possible, and when all is said and done – isn’t that what we’re all trying to teach the next generation and achieve ourselves?