One of the things people immediately say about Melbourne is that we have the best coffee in the world….and we’re somewhat coffee snobs, but really that’s what happens when you’re used to the best.

So, when opening up an artisan café – the expectations are immediately high, however that seems to be no challenge for Brighton’s new coffee gem BUOY in the heart of Country Road.

As someone who named her blog Coffees & style, the fit of a boutique café in the middle of a luxurious store makes perfect sense to me. After all who hasn’t craved that delicious cup of coffee after a shopping expedition.

But what’s truly impressive about this new venture is just how organically it all fits together – as though it’s always been there, the coffee itself (most importantly) is delicious, anyone who drinks almond milk will attest – when it’s done badly, you can’t go near it, but when it’s done right – you keep coming back for more.

After enjoying my delicious latte, I was curious to find out just how this concept came about…

What was the inspiration to open up the café?

As a wholesaler of our raw Almond Milk we supply to many cafe’s around Melbourne & we noticed that there was a gap in the market for enabling people to have easy access to our raw almond milk.

We wanted to create a space that solved this problem and that our customers were able to have it in their homes at a reasonable price without the wastage.

Thus creating our Almond Milk bars.

Please tell us about you partnership with Country Road?

We have a wonderful partnership with Country Road, it’s enables both companies the opportunity to create the perfect space.

What inspired the name of the café?

All of the Country Road cafe’s are named for the local area they situated in and the nautical themed Buoy seemed perfect as Brighton is a beach town.

What is the vibe that people can expect?

Our team create a natural, fun & friendly environment. You can expect to be greeted with a happy & warm hello, we love to become friends with our regular customers and we want everyone to feel comfortable within our space.

Aside from the delicious coffee – what is the best thing on the menu?

Thank you, we do pride ourselves on our delicious coffee 🙂

Next best thing I would have to say our flavoured Almond Milks of course but also we’ve created some delicious smoothies with them too! Anyone is welcome to tasters of all the flavours.

A personal favourite on our food menu is our Almond milk based Bircher (you can pick which flavour you want!) with fresh berries!

What is your favourite thing about being situated in Brighton?

We love Brighton, everyone has been so welcoming!

We want to become part of the community and Brighton has such a wonderful vibe & friendly people, we can’t wait to get to know everyone!

Image courtesy of @mushroomcreative