Whether it’s the love of the bay, the community atmosphere, the award winning foodie scene – or quite frankly all the above, there’s really nothing not to love about Melbourne’s Bayside.

I have been a great lover of Bayside for as long as I can remember – as a child I spent many weekend afternoons exploring the various shopping strips, going to the Palace cinemas and enjoying girly lunches with my mum.

As an adult, not much has changed – but what keeps evolving is the vibe, the amazing new restaurants and the events that tie it all together, which brings me to a very special Bayside afternoon.

This month I had the absolute pleasure of attending the Bayside Long Lunch hosted by The Bayside Mailer and Pommery – not only was the event stunning and sophisticated, but it was truly a joyous afternoon filled with fun, laughter, deliciousness and of course impeccable style.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with the ladies from the Bayside Mailer, an online publication that is truly a curator of the best that’s happening in bayside.

1. Who is the Bayside Mailer?

Our names are Michelle and Andrea and we are sisters, mothers, foodies and self-proclaimed wine connoisseurs living locally in Hampton and Sandringham. In May 2016 we decided to create a go-to guide for Bayside’s trendsetters, adventure seekers and locals.

What started out as a hobby and a little fun, is now a vehicle for community engagement.

Sharing our loves and hidden gems, the Bayside Mailer is a collection of experiences and recommendations from across the bay; covering everything from Port Melbourne to Portsea.

Since the Bayside Mailer’s inception in June 2016, we have given away over 200 prizes with a value of over $15,000 and we won’t be stopping there. Showcasing local retailers, venues and people, we are bringing back the easy, breezy, beach vibes with giveaways and guides to the neighbourhood.

This is of course all made possible by our contributors and partners, of which we can never have too many.

2. How did the idea of the ‘Long Lunch’ come about?

Bayside can never have too many events and like us, we thought that many others would share in our love for good champagne, food and company so we floated the idea with Pommery and they were keen to pursue it with us.

It has been a great success with our first 2 events being sell outs with 120 attendees at each.

3. Who have you partnered up for the event?

We have an amazing line up of partners and sponsors including French Champagne powerhouse, Pommery, who was in attendance on the day and of course was the feature as we all got to try Pommery Blue Sky, the champagne served over ice – an experience in itself.

The Baths Middle Brighton who have created a wonderful menu with touches of champagne.  Hugo Boss, Bang & Olufsen, Bondi Sands, Buxton Real Estate Brighton, Flawless Rejuvenation, Minke Pools and lots of other amazing businesses who have donated fabulous prizes for attendees on the day.

4. What is happening in Bayside right now?

We are so lucky to live in Bayside, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to stores, eateries, bars and the beach is our backyard and playground.

There are always so many fun and exciting things happening in Bayside, make sure to visit our website to take a look at what’s coming up.

5. What events can we expect from the Bayside mailer this spring/summer?

Definitely more events with Pommery, watch this space.