The last couple of weeks have certainly brought out the best in fashion.

We’ve seen new trends, new style and inspiration to revamp our wardrobes for the new season ahead.

One of the most exciting runway shows from the Melbourne Fashion Festival Camilla and Marc, which made it very exciting to have the opportunity to chat to my favourite stylist, who also happens to be a C&M stylist and personal shopper, Lauren Hunter – about all things fashion, trends and she loves when putting looks together.

What would you say are the key trends for the new season?

  • Oversized masculine siloutte
  • 1930’s French inspired sleeve
  • Tonal styling
  • Kitten heels

What are the three must have pieces from the new Camilla & Marc collection that we all must have?

  • Hayworth coat
  • Bradman or tempo Leather jacket
  • Pollock suit – as seen on Margie Robbie

As a stylist what is the most important thing when putting a look for a client together?

When putting a look together for a client, the most important thing I think about is their brief.

Every client is different, and are looking for a stylist for different reasons. My job is to listen, and work with them to achieve the best result.

Firstly, I like to make the client comfortable, and I am empathetic to their needs. They obviously have reached out for my assistance so I like to make their experience fun, easy going, positive & exciting. I automatically become friends with my clients and I always love to have a laugh.

Then it’s down to business…

The most important thing when putting a look together is finding items that suit my clients body shape, their colouring & educating the client on how to mix and match items with their already existing wardrobe etc. I ultimately want to give the client a very happy, & uplifting experience & giving the client self confidence.

What is the inspiration behind the Camilla & Marc collection this season?

Camilla & Marc have explored the ideals of a dreamlike, fantastical garden –  with concepts around France in the 1930’s.

It’s very luxurious and seductive with a modernised twist.

Photo credit: Lucas Dawson Photography

What is your favourite Autumn/Winter trend?

Autumn/Winter is such a great time for fashion in Melbourne.

I am loving the upcoming trends – Off shoulder, assymetical gathering and off duty athleisure wear that is polished and relaxed.

There is so much to be excited about.

How do you define style?

For me to define style … it’s like a form of self expression – a way of communicating one’s personality.

Style is personality and trend.