There’s few things we Melbournians love more than a really great brunch – where the coffee is perfect, the food is delicious (and Insta-worthy of course), and you can have your eggs anywhere between 10 in the morning (7 for the really eager) to 3 in the afternoon.

So, when it comes to opening the doors of a brand-new café – the first question asked is… what makes it different?

As I pulled up to the front of Bentleigh’s new hot spot ‘Good Times Milk Bar’, I couldn’t help but smile – there’s something truly bright, happy and nostalgic about the eatery.

The interior feels fun and fresh, with its bubble-gum colour scheme and Californian beach vibes.

Now… let’s get to the important part – the menu!

While there’s the classic favourites, everything has a modern fresh twist; from the addition of crab to the chilli scrambled eggs, to the bright mouth-watering ricotta hot cakes and a cheeky dipping egg that truly brings a bit of fun back to brunch – there really is something for everyone.

The coffee is on point – with specialty variations for every pallet, and just when you thought the fun stopped there, your eye goes to the milkshakes! For the kids, or the kids at heart, these sweet masterpieces give you all the feels…I mean come on… who doesn’t have those days when only a Golden Gaytime milkshake will do.

I sat down with time team concept behind this fresh new eatery – to talk all things, food, coffee and bringing the fun back to food. 

How did the concept for The Good Times Milk Bar come about?

Conceptually we wanted to harness the feel of the old-milkbar in a contemporary fashion. It is about how new and old work together to create an environment that screams fun.

Everything is considered in the space, to build into a full identity with the branding and the offering. It is a little bit quasi-literal, but we didn’t want a sterile and safe space.

How did you come up with the name?

Everything in the space, especially the key branding elements are supposed to trigger memories and thoughts of Good Times.

Eating and dining is supposed to be fun, likewise with who you share your time with.

Music is a big part of our lives, the “Good Times” sample in Jamie XX’s “I know there is going to be (Good Times)” always comes to mind and evokes a smile.

What made you choose the location?

Bentleigh is on the brink of being the next south/south-east food destination – it has the right mix of young families and those that have lived, grown up and cared for the area/suburb.

We want to be in a place where we can be part of the neighbourhood.

What is the must have item on the menu?

Pastrami Benedict — it is just the fuel you need on the weekends!

Describe the café in 3 words…

Is “Good Times only” too cliché?