As a self confessed brunch devotee, I can’t think of a better way to start a weekend.

Last year I discovered Frank’s, a delicious cafe based in Cheltenham, that prides it’s on fresh beautiful dishes and a dedicated sense of community. The cafe has certainly gone from strength to strength, which is why I was so excited to try their brand new winter menu.

From a heartwarming porridge for those cold Melbourne mornings to a chicken sandwich that will knock your socks off (I really mean it – I’ve never actually ordered a sandwich in a cafe before until this) – there’s really something for everyone.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Frank’s owner Harry Butler, about all things food and the secret behind Frank’s success.

What inspired the new winter menu?

We like to keep it fresh at Frank’s, whilst keeping a few of the favourites around. We try to let the seasonal produce dictate the direction of the menu, and let our high quality ingredients do the talking.

We see a few old favourites make their return, with a Chai Milk Porridge and the Frank’s famous “Chicken Sandwich” making it’s return literally due to popular demand, as well as a few new dished with the “Cherry Ripe” Crêpe and the hearty winter-warmer “Grain Salad” lighting up the menu with a bit of seasonal richness.

What is the standout dish? – 1 for Breakfast and 1 for Lunch?

The “Cherry Ripe” Crêpe would have to be the highlight of breakfast menu, with the soft red velvet crêpe, and cherry compote, being perfect balanced on this sweet dish with chocolate mousse and finished off with vanilla ice-cream and fairy floss.

The Grain Salad (vegan) is a seasonal, fresh and hearty lunch option with that really does warm the soul. Roasted baby carrots, peal couscous and a myriad of Middle Eastern flavours give this dish a real seasonal richness, which is only further enhanced by “un-veganing” the dish by adding optional Ox Cheek

What is the Frank’s approach to food?

We don’t try to reinvent the wheel too often, but rather do a the classics really well with our own twist. We pride ourselves on using really high-quality suppliers, which makes our chefs job a lot easier, and we just let the produce do the talking.

“Simple things, done well” is the food moto at Frank’s.

We feel a lot of others try to overcomplicate menu items, or go rogue on classic dishes for shock factor, but “Simple things, done well” wins every time…

Franks is certainly going from strength to strength – what do you think has customers coming back?

Frank’s is about being… well… frank. We make a massive concerted effort not to be another venue that’s “all sizzle, no steak”. We’re primarily a place for our locals, and as such, we make a huge effort to make a genuine connection with those that frequent the shop. We try so hard to keep it simple and provide good, consistent food, coffee and service quickly and with a smile.

We have a great culture in the business and hold each other to a high standard of service, which leaks though to the customers. We’re all about community, and have an extremely diverse customer base with a wide range of expectations, and at Frank’s we to our best to humbly look after everyone, as it’s not about us, it’s about them!