There’s really nothing better than a relaxing getaway to recharge the batteries and escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

I was lucky enough to have such getaway at Victoria’s Peninsula Hot Springs, located at the beautiful Mornington Peninsula.

The property encompasses a range of beautiful baths and unique experiences for the perfect day out, whether you explore the Bath House, or choose a more secluded experience at the Spa Dreaming Centre. I absolutely loved every minute of the day, but my favourite time was spent at the Spa Dreaming Centre.

The baths themselves are truly amazing, with each one increasing in temperature as you walk up. One of the baths even has a massaging element designed relieve even the tightest pressure point.

And for a little extra bit of relaxation, the zen chi machine, infrared sauna and Moroccan haman will have you floating on air and completely revived.

So how was this beautiful relaxation centre created?

I sat down with the team to talk about some of the amazing features, and what the future has in store.

It seems the hot springs are just getting bigger and bigger – was this always the vision when it all began?

Yes from the very beginning our co-founders and brothers Charles and Richard Davidson had a vision to develop a bathing culture in Australia.

After travelling to Japan in 1992, Charles became enamoured of hot springs bathing and wondered if outdoor bathing could take shape in Australia.

We are now at stage three of their initial vision and master-plan with accommodation being the next stage in development.

What are some of the exciting new features that guests can experience?

We have seven new hot spring pools located within the Bath House Amphitheatre. Each one fitted with underwater speakers. Guests can experience performances from the comfort of a hot spring, and also float on their back while soaking up the sonic vibrations.

Expect to see a range of arts and entertainment experiences including musical acts, cultural talks, yoga and wellbeing classes happening on our new Amphitheatre stage.

This unique performance area looks out onto an expansive grassed area dotted with geothermal pools

The fire and ice experience is a wellness experience like no other.The ‘fire’ aspect of this experience comprises two new 30-person saunas designed to help sweat out toxins, improve cardiovascular performance and sleep quality, cleanse skin, burn calories and boost immunity.

What would be the perfect way to spend the day?

We recommend getting to Peninsula hot Springs nice and early, or later in the afternoon to experience either morning glow or twilight at the hot springs. Choose between two different bathing experiences.

Bath House – connect with yourself and others in nature in our Bath House

Spa Dreaming Centre – connect with a close friend or loved one in our tranquil Spa Dreaming Centre.

What does the future hold?

We’re growing our vision to adapt to what our guests are searching for when visiting Peninsula Hot Springs.

Drawing inspiration from the health-giving natural resources of our thermal mineral springs, we’re making subtle changes to help our guests make personal changes too.

Whether you want to focus on the way you manage your health and wellbeing, or are revisiting the inner workings of your mind and body, you deserve quiet and inviting spaces on your journey.

We are exploring new transformative experiences, facilities and overnight accommodation to complement health, wellness, relaxation and rejuvenation journeys on the Mornington Peninsula.

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