As the weather warms up we’re; entertaining, celebrating and enjoying the sun – all with a glass of wine. I have been loving exploring the delicious range of 6Ft6 wines, each with it’s own unique blends – perfect for cheese platters, race day get togethers and the upcoming crucial Christmas lunch.

The Rosé, which has become a favourite in my home is truly gorgeous and the perfect choice in the warmer season, it’s fresh and vibrant with notes of berries and watermelon. For lovers of white wine, the Pinot Gris is everything you want and more, it’s soft and smooth with a stunning fragrance from the moment you open the bottle. The wine has hints of ripe pear, citrus blossom and a little hint of spiced candy.

For the little bit of richness, it has to be the Pinot Noir – a wine that has becomes extremely popular among consumers, and it’s not hard to understand why. From the first sip you taste the right cherry and red plum flavours, while the wine is richer, it’s certainly not to heavy.

So what maker this particular winemaker such a delicious success? I sat down with the team to find out …

What is the story behind 6Ft6 wine?

6Ft6 is lovingly grown and produced onsite at Austins Winery, which was founded by Richard and Pamela Austin in 1982 and is now owned and operated by second generation owners, Scott and Belinda Austin.

People often ask why the brand is called 6Ft6 and it’s a cool story!

It’s about a man who stood six foot six tall and inspired the adventurous name and spirit of 6Ft6 wines.

In 1803, a convict named William Buckley pulled off a daring escape from the British and landed at the Port Phillip area. Stranded, but free, he came across a local indigenous tribe and the tale goes that he survived the next 32 years living amongst them. These days they call William Buckley a legend – a giant of his time. At 6Ft6, he’s known as Will, the guy who inspired the “Pinot for the people”, and the guy who stood tall at 6Ft6.

What makes the wine different?

We pride ourselves on a top-quality product that’s accessible to everyone. We love how easy our wines are to drink by themselves, and with food at such an affordable price. But, what really makes 6Ft6 a little different is our approach to wine, winemaking and consumers. We want to be really approachable, fun and not take wine too seriously. It’s about having a great time with wine and the people you share those moments with.

What are the must have wines for spring/summer?

For us, it’s all about Pinot Gris and Prosecco this spring/summer season. Pinot Gris is so refreshing and easy to drink on just about any occasion. Its fruity, dry characteristics are so delicious that even sweet wine lovers are being converted.

And whilst Prosecco has been around for a while, it’s really starting to see its well-earned spotlight as a delicious and affordable alternative to Champagne.

You also love creating cocktails – what are the best cocktails for the warm season?

This season is all about Wine Spritz. You can just about create a spritz with any white wine. Think Hugo Spritz with Prosecco, Blood Orange Spritz with Pinot Gris! Yum!

Check out our recipes via the blog here –

Which upcoming events can we expect to see 6Ft6?

We are absolutely thrilled to be taking part in the Portsea Polo this year as its Official Wine Partner. In addition to the marquee’s, there will be a field-side experience for those wanting the Portsea Polo experience but not wanting to spend their entire life savings on getting into a marquee. We’re super excited about the whole thing!

We will also be at Wine Island in Sydney this November and the Victorian Polo Club series of events at the Werribee Park Mansion from November – February.