As we celebrate Mother’s Day this weekend I always look back at the wisdom I receive from my Mama when I was kid, and the wisdom I continue to receive as adult.

No matter what she always knew the right thing to say to make me smile, and so I began to wonder what words of wisdom other Mamas gave their kids.

So I put the question out to my Instagram Family and here’s a very special tribute to some of the most beautiful and precious advice they have received from the incredible leading women in their life …

‘When I have been feeling physically and mentally exhausted, anxious or depressed, she would say – “This too shall pass” and it was honestly the BEST advice’ @bakemecakeme

‘Never go to someone’s house empty handed. Take them something with love from you, so they feel part of your soul’ – And ‘Enjoy your children becuase look at you, one day they grow up.’ @freshoutlook_cooks

‘My grandma always said “Don’t worry about the things that you can’t change. Focus on the things you can change.” She said this her whole life long before it became and popular saying’ @klarabellle

‘If at first you don’t succeed. Try, try again!’ @jazzdbell

‘Always work hard and find a job you love and be independant’ @melbournemystyle

‘Nothing is more important than you beautiful child/children’ @naomi_s_butterss

‘Always do your best’ @styleofakind

‘A man is not a plan’ – And ‘The world owes you nothing, stop thinking it does’ @velvetsmile

‘Make sure you do what you love to do, don’t let anything stop you and always believe yourself!’ – And of course as a typical European Mama ‘Whatever you do with your life – make sure you finish uni first’ @natkalinowski

‘Always be grateful x’ @lauren_the_fashion_hunter

‘Believe in yourself and your abilities and strength – and you’ll never need anyone else to’ @davidthemedium

‘Rozzie once told me that as she matured, she regretted not taking her own mother’s advise when she was younger. So her best advice to me has been that mothers know better an to always listen to her … Oh – and a spray tan makes any outfit look better and takes 5kg off the mirror! @alexandragormly

‘Best advice was from my Nan, who always taught me that it does not matter where you cam from, your socio-economic background or who your parents are. What matters is how you present yourself, having porper table manners and a decorum and treating people with respect.’ @theprominentisociety

‘Best advice was the I was capable of whatever I put my mind to! Mum honestly makes me feel as though I can do anything’ @Jordy_lucas

‘My mother was forever telling me to be careful. She warned me to be careful of EVERYTHING and as a result I think I am the complete opposite. I am a risk taker and I make bold moves. I don’t sit in the comfort zone on any matter – I’m always stretched way out in the danger zone. I jumped first and figured thing out later and that brazen attitude of taking risks has given me a full and extremely colourful life with a fascinating career that is oh so satisfying. So, as a mother myself now, my best piece of advice is that fortune favours the brave, Let go of fear and GO FOR IT.’ @thechampagnedame

‘The best advice my mother gave me was to always greet everyone with a hello and a smile and be thankful for everything I received …. And always have clean underwear.’ @whoistommymc

‘Always take the opportunity, even if ti scares you, because yo never know where it will lead.’ @melbourneflowerwalls

‘Mum told me to be kind. This world needs more kind people. You might be able to make someone smile or make someone’s day better – and there won’t be a better feeling’ @ashworethat

‘The best advise mum ever gave me was to save for a rainy day, forgive and be nice to everyone, and look after yourself *something which her Mama, my grandmother, always told her and now she tells me. x’ @zerinhassan_

‘Don’t walk to the car alone’ @leblondefox

‘My Beautiful mother always said -the key to life is health and hapiness. No matter the ups and downs with a positive mind you are always growing. Always follow your dreams, trust in yourself and you will live a full life.’

‘Always be kind and loving. There is great happiness in knowing you’re a good person.’

‘Embrace your natural beauty and learn to be happy with yourself, even if you’re having a really bad day’ @sammythehairstylist

‘The grass is not greener on the other side, try watering your own.’ – And … ‘Never let the dun rise on an argument.’ @mandy_j91

‘Never let a man (or anyone) control you and make you think you are worthless’ @leanguyen 

‘The best lesson my mother ever taught me was that I was – and am – always enough. She taught me that I am always my own first love and I should always, always be my own top priority. She taught me that I was – and am – capable of anything and everything I could ever want. It instilled a confidence in me that has always kept me pushing through, even in my darkest moments.’ @platinumtarot

‘Whatever happens, happens for the best’ Annonymous

I also wanted to take the opportunity to share wise words from my dear friend Danica Erard – who encouraged us all to ‘Listen to out Mothers, pay attention to the words they say and spend as much time with them as possible. – Life is truly precious and I found her words incredible touching and profound …. @demillinery

So what was the best advice my Mama ever gave me?

Well let’s be honest there’s been a lot – but my absolute favourite two are …

‘Don’t ever judge and you won’t be judged in return’ and …

Those who don’t take risks don’t drink champagne!’

Happy Mother’s Day! xxx