June is all about Good Food Month in Melbourne, and two chefs who can’t wait to share their craft with the foodie crowd are Matt Stone (Oakridge, Yarra Valley) and Paul Iskov (Fervor, Perth). The brilliant young chefs are part of the new culinary wave putting hyper-local, sustainably sourced produce on the menu and creating some true masterpieces.

The are the new vanguard; a new breed of chefs that are revolutionising how, and what, we eat through their work at some truly prominent restaurants as well as cookbooks that have become a favourite in homes all around Australia.

So what can guests expect from the evening?

That’s exactly what I asked the boys in this very special pre-event interview …

You must be so excited about seeing this event come together for Good Food month, what can guests expect? 

I’m very excited to be cooking with Matt for Good Food Month. Guests can expect a menu focusing on Native Australian ingredients, I will be utilising some interesting ingredients from Western Australia, such as Youlk, Kulyu and Meen.

What is the inspiration behind the menu?

We have decided to do an East meets West style menu focusing on Native Australian ingredients. The menu will feature plenty of seasonal fruits, vegetables, tubers and seafood.

I know it’s like picking your favourite child, but is there a favourite dish you are most excited for guests to try?

Fervor will be using blue swimmer crab, bunya nut, youlk and saltbush cured emu egg yolk. This is a dish that really represents Western Australia and utilises a unique tuber, youlk. The Youlk gives a fresh, raddish/carrot like flavour and crunchy texture to the smooth luscious crab.

What is your philosophy when it comes to food? 

We focus on native Australian ingredients and try to keep it simple and not over complicated. We endeavour to work with the Traditional Owners whenever possible to learn, support and pay respect to these ingredients and the age old culture they belong to.

Location: 137 Buckhurst St, South Melbourne

Price: $170 + transaction fee

Book your tickets here: www.goodfoodmonth.com/events/the-new-vanguard