While it’s not always possible to take a holiday when we feel a little burnt out – one place that’s just a car ride away has brought the holiday to us, even if only for a couple of hours.

The Peninsula Hot Springs has always been a Victorian favourite for a getaway and with its new Wellness Centre, the experience has been elevated that much more.

I was lucky enough to visit the new facilities recently to experience the Grounding Retreat – and what a day it was …

Your day of tranquillity begins with an incredible 45-minute yoga class, that focuses on breathing, stretching, meditating and releasing any stress. For those who do not find themselves in the ‘yogi’ category (and I certainly do not) you can rest assured this class has no element of pressure. The instructor kindly offers poses for each level with no pressure to ensuring you do not push yourself any further than your body can go.

With a revitalised yoga glow in place, the next step was to experience the bathing facilities of the centre. While the original bathing section is very much open, we took the opportunity to check out the new wellness centre baths and amenities.

Like the main bathing area, there are various levels of the bath, each with a different temperature, but what I loved about this section is that each has a spectacular view, adding to the relaxation. Additionally, we braved the fire and ice experience, going from the sauna to the ice room, and while that may sound unbearable, the after feeling is like no other, great for circulation and overall well-being.

Then it was all about the clay workshop – and what an experience it was. Did you know there were various clays for each need, from muscle to skincare and circulation? Neither did I … but there are. If you weren’t already close with your chosen companion for the day, this experience will bring you that much closer! ? The first layer of clay is placed all over the body, and you guessed it, each person helps the other with the application. Once the first layer is dry, the real fun begins. Guests are presented with a variety of clays, each designed to help with their troubled areas, and paint brushes – to paint each other with.  As I said, if you weren’t close before, you will have an everlasting bid after this experience, ‘clay friends’ was a term dubbed by the end of the day.

And while it obviously does get a little messy, a beautiful mess of course, the feeling of your skin after the experience is like no other; it’s smooth, silky and you feel on cloud nine.

Like all good experiences, a wonderful, meal is the perfect way to round up the day. The café on premise offers a delicious nourishing clean menu full off options for all taste-buds with fresh juices and smoothies to match – I must say the calamari salad was simply divine.

For those who need a little me time, are looking for the perfect gift or just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, I would highly recommend checking out the new wellness retreats at the Peninsula Hot Springs, you will come back home revived, re-energized and ready to take on the world.

To find out more visit: peninsulahotsprings.com/experiences/wellness