Finding the perfect gift can often feel like an impossible task. We are often left with a series of scarfs, perfumes, and vouchers – when really the possibilities for the perfect gift is endless.

But wouldn’t it be nice if there was a service that could help tailor to our needs when it comes to a unique gift for everything from a birthday to a bridal shower? With gifts that are thoughtful, special and best of all memorable.

Now there is, thanks to Sarah Urban.

The service offers timeless, stylish and classic gifts. Additionally, for the men that really need a little help, they keep note of all important ‘gifting’ dates and send you gentle reminders. All you need to do is provide us with details about the women in your life.

I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah over a beautiful dinner she hosted, inspired by her passion for creative gifts I even recreated one of her delicious recipes and saw first hand just what a special present it would be.

Naturally wanting to know more about how this business came to be, I sat down with her to talk all things gifting, cooking and what the future holds.

What inspired you to start Sarah Urban?

I saw a gap in the market, a place to find classic stylish gifts for women, the sort of gifts all women would love to receive.

I had been thinking of it for years after hearing many women despair over the gifts (or lack of gifts) the men in their lives had (or not) given them. There was also the ‘interesting’ gifts my dad gave mum especially around Mothers Day, a vacuum cleaner, cause hey mum loved being a domestic goddess, a hair/beard trimmer so she could save him going to the barber and clearly really helpful for the 6 women in the house, a new lawn mower … the list is way too long but you get the gist.

So I made Sarah Urban a one stop shop so to speak where you can find a gift for your mum, wife, sister, girlfriend, daughter, aunt, work colleague.

I brought together all the things I love, simple stylish products.

Food and entertaining has been such a big part of my life, a passion that many women share so I added some food products and experiences:

Recipe cards, cooking classes, table settings, and catered dinner parties.

What makes the gifts so unique?

To me, it’s the site and the collections that are unique, a place where you can get classic gifts that all women love and often don’t buy themselves. The beautiful basics we all need like a great black clutch, some luxurious pieces like bamboo sheeting we all would love and the something special like the gorgeous hand made silver triangle earrings.

The gifts that are unique are the table settings. They are my favourites as they combine a cool modern feel with beautiful unique vintage pieces. To me memories are made when you spend time with your friends and family, so how great it is to be able to give a gift that facilitates memories being made. Memories are forever!

Perfect for a wedding gift, a 21st/30th gift or a housewarming gift.

What are some of the most special gifts and experiences customers can expect?

All gifts are special as they are a way to tell someone you love them, appreciate them, value them and that you are thinking of them. The gifts are beautifully gift wrapped and come with a little box of my special Florentines and we can include a handwritten note.

For me, the food experiences are very special. It is a gift you can share with friends and family and as I said before this is when great memories are made.

Take the Healthy 101 cooking class – it’s a way for her to spend time with her friends and learn some fabulous tasty healthy not boring dishes and enjoy them over lunch or dinner

And who wouldn’t love to be given a dinner party cooked in their own home?

I absolutely love the recipe cards – which recipe is your favourite?

The warm chicken salad is my favourite, it is such a crowd pleaser. When people come to my place for dinner now they expect it along with my crispy roast potatoes.

It’s also a dish that any dessert will pair well with, having said that all wine goes well with it!

The Chicken salad is very easy and a dish you can prepare ahead of time so it is perfect for entertaining and men love it too.

If you could put together the perfect gift box for a dream client what would you include and who would the dream client be?

I don’t have a dream client but it would be fun to put together a gift for Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge

It would consist of a Healthy cooking class for her and 7 friends – I think Kate would enjoy a fun time with her friends and love the simple healthy not boring recipes that she may cook for her family!

I would also give her a fun girly table setting for her and her friends to sit down to enjoy the dishes from the class.