Cazinc the Label is a Melbourne born brand founded by Carolyn Rowland, taking a strong stance against fast fashion and making it their mission to champion sustainable practices, all the while creating pieces that empower women to be bold and stylish, whilst still remaining functional.

It is this passion for ethics and empowering women that led Carolyn to align Cazinc the Label with RizeUp, a community-driven organisation that advocates for the most vulnerable people in our broader community, who have been impacted by domestic and family violence. In support of this, Cazinc the Label has created a series of two t-shirts and a tank top available in two colours, commissioning Melbourne artist Sara Sidari for the design.

$10 from each sale will be donated directly to RizeUp, helping those who need it most.

I was my absolute pleasure to interview Carolyn and find out more about the story behind this incredible project.

This is such a fantastic initiative! How did you decide to collaborate with RizeUp and what does it mean for you to be involved with this cause?

Thanks so much Liz, here at Cazinc the Label, we are extremely passionate about ethics and empowering women to be bold and stylish through creating garments that women feel their best in. It was this passion that led us to partner with RizeUp, a community-driven organisation that advocates for the most vulnerable people in our broader community.

As domestic violence is an issue that has affected those closest to me, and after hearing about the 27% spike in domestic violence due to the pandemic, we knew we had to take some sort of action to help decrease this frightening figure. I am extremely proud that we can do our bit by partnering up with a charity such as RizeUp, who do so much to help our community when it comes to issues such as domestic violence.

What is the story behind the design of this collection?

To play our part in helping reduce these statistics, we engaged local artist Sara Sidari to commission a range of custom tees and tanks. Sara came up with a powerful design that embodies a strong woman who has faced many challenges in her life, which has translated beautifully onto the front of each top. We also chose to name each of the designs after the Greek goddesses Leto, Athena, and Rhea who represent power, strength and femininity, the exact messaging we wanted to achieve in the creation of these shirts.

How can people get involved and help?

People can get involved by ordering a shirt! They are for sale on our website with $10 from every purchase going directly to the RizeUp foundation. There is a range of T-shirts and singlets so there is something there for everyone.

Click on this link: to order your t-shirt and singlets of choice

What do you hope this campaign will achieve and what is the message you most hope will be heard?

Cazinc the Label can only hope that by raising awareness around domestic violence, we can support these victims and survivors who have been so heavily impacted and try to assist them in finding a way out to a life free from violence.

RizeUp CEO Nicolle Edwards told us that now more than ever, the organisation needs the support of the community. RizeUp had no choice but to keep their doors open during these unprecedented times, as they had to face growing rates of domestic violence along with navigating a global pandemic.

“We are thrilled to have Cazinc the Label walk alongside RizeUp to provide vital fundraising and advocacy support,” – RizeUp CEO Nicole Edwards

The team at CTL are thrilled to provide this support and we can’t thank beautiful people like you Liz enough for helping us to achieve this goal.