Let’s face it, we all want great skin, but we also want great ingredients, simplicity, and an affordable price.

That’s exactly what BodyCo was able to achieve with its incredible skincare range.

Featuring products for the face, body, and even a baby range it uses the most natural ingredients to achieve beautiful results.

So what makes it so special?

I recently interviewed founder Andrea to find out the story behind this great Australian brand.

What inspired you to start BodyCo?

I have grown up with my family being in the beauty industry and had part-time jobs throughout school and uni working for various beauty brands (retail). When I finished university, I started working for my dad, who is a cosmetic chemist/formulator and manufacturer for some of Australia’s top beauty brands. With this, I had access to suppliers for quality, natural ingredients, so I started making some of my own skincare products and decided to sell them.

How does BodyCo stand out from other skincare brands?

I think my biggest point of difference is the BodyCo brand is super focused on the ingredients in each product. I make sure that each product has the highest quality, natural and effective ingredients. Because I have a background in a ‘behind the scenes’ of making beauty products, I know about the ingredients and formulation side of things.

So many brands out there will get someone else to make the product and put their label on it, but I am hands-on for every aspect of the brand. My rule of thumb is ‘if it is an ingredient I don’t want on my skin, I won’t use it’.

The products are Superfood for your Skin.

What would you say are your favourite stand-out products and why?

I have a few! The Flight Attendant Spray was originally developed purely for travel (especially keeping the skin hydrated during air travel), but during this last year with lockdowns and not being able to travel, I have found so many more uses for it – from being a great moisturiser for the entire body, especially keeping a fake tan lasting longer & a super hydrating spray for keeping the skin dewy and glowy while at home in heated rooms.

I also love the Muscle Recovery Spray. It is a magnesium spray so helps the body with recovery from workouts, muscle cramping (including period pain & Restless Legs Syndrome), the ability to help get better sleep, help to ease anxiety and so many things! Magnesium is essential for the body to function, but it is very common for people to have a deficiency in it, and the best way for the body to absorb it is through the skin.

The last one that I want to mention is the Night Repair Face Oil. It has Cacao Absolute in it, and I LOVE my chocolate. This Face Oil is so luxurious for the skin at night-time, and you wake up with an actual glow.

 I love the Free Skin Consultation elements on the website! How does it work?

Oh yay, this is a new addition to the website! It is a quick questionnaire for you to fill out about your skin type, skin concerns and hobbies (travel & fitness). At the end of the quiz, it gives you suggestions for what products are most suited to you, based on your responses, for both face and body – people tend to focus on their face and forget about the skin on the rest of their bodies, that’s just as important. I have also included the hobbies in the quiz as we offer products for travel/holidays (including tanning) and for fitness.

What are your hopes for the company?

As I mentioned before, I work closely with suppliers when new ingredients are discovered, or some are improved, and I love coming up with new products and expanding the range. We have recently launched 3 new products, a Tinted Face Serum (with Hyaluronic Acid & UV protection), Daily Moisturiser (with SPF) & Tinted Daily Moisturiser (with SPF). There will be more product launches in the next few months too!

How would you describe BodyCo in 3 words?

Superfood for Skin