For over two decades, Tory has been the CEO of her own global businesses. In her brand and communications agency Torstar and now Powerful Steps, she’s worked with the world’s most impactful brands to shape their story and deliver unprecedented growth that saw them attract $100 million price tags.

She’s made reputations and fortunes for Fortune 100 CEOs, celebrities, and influencers. When Zara opened its first Australian store in 2011, her agency delivered one of the most successful launches in retail history, attracting 22K people through the doors on the first day and $1 million in sales.

In 2019 she founded Powerful Steps and since then, her Powerful Stories podcast has drawn over 150K downloads, she’s helped thousands of women to claim their power, and has partnered with ASX-listed companies to empower their leadership.

It was such a pleasure to sit down with Tory and take about the journey of Powerful Steps.

What is ‘Powerful Steps’ and how did you start the program?

Powerful Steps is a platform to empower others in the entrepreneurial and business space. After two decades at the top of my game partnering with the world’s leading retailers, celebrities, and influencers with my brand communications agency TORSTAR it was time to share the life lessons and proven tool kit to create and build powerful brands with people.

I discovered there comes a time when women are at a crossroads in life and are searching for their next powerful step. They have achieved great success in their career or a considering starting their own business – they are asking what’s next? How do I become visible?

How can I attract what I deserve? How can I build a powerful brand, a brand that stands out from the crowd? These women are ready to step outside of their comfort zone and into their power zone and the Powerful Steps platform is built on passion, integrity, delivery, and a community that is supportive of YOU and the transformation you are clearly ready for.

How can the program help people get to the next step of their life?

I have always believed in business and life my success is your success – this means nobody gets left behind in this program.  We ALL step into our power zone and thrive because when you see the runway of life anything is possible.

Amy Voss, Regional Manager of Boston Scientific describes the outcome perfectly.

“Tory is someone who finds the spark within you and sets it on fire. Her energy for life is both infectious and inspiring. Most importantly she has created a tribe of like-minded, powerhouse women who have added so much to my life both personally and professionally. There is now a “before Tory” and “after Tory” aspect of my life; the “after Tory” containing more joy, connections, and drive.”

What do you think is the number one thing holding us all back from achieving our dreams and success?

Self-belief. Once you understand the power of your story, you are gifted with freedom in your heart.  You become stronger and more powerful as you switch your mindset to understand that challenges are actually opportunities.

If you could give people one piece of advice what would it be?


One of my dreams that I set out to make a reality when I started Powerful Steps was to be featured by Commonwealth Bank Women in Focus. They support a community of women in leadership roles to lean into the power of each other so that they rise and deliver impact to others.

That dream came true. My interview kicked off Season 3 of the Leading Women podcast with some extremely talented ASX listed CEO’s in the series – not bad for a girl who is not degree educated and just backed herself to be the best she could be. A life lesson is this – never underestimate what you can create as this series is about women at the top of the leadership ladder.

What is the number one quote you live by?

A happy heart is a magnet for miracles.