It has never been easier or more fun to have an interactive wine tasting experience in your own home!

An Australian wine industry disruptor, Rubay Wines, is on a mission to revolutionise how we discover and experience wines. With the goal to make wine tasting easier, more accessible, and more fun, the tech-based wine business will use the data from consumer feedback to create an AI model able to successfully predict the likelihood of a consumer feeling positive or negative about a particular wine before they buy it.

Essentially bringing the cellar door experience to people at home, the Four Somme experience also has the added benefit of providing valuable information to consumers and wine producers alike. The data gathered from the Four Somme at-home wine tasting experience are unbiased opinions thanks to clever white labelling, which feeds into WineQ, a sophisticated AI and consumer preferences technology, created by Rubay Wines.

The exclusive data modeling of WineQ then uses these insights to develop and train the AI platform to go beyond the usual profiling based on demographic, social, and behavioural data against the usual wine classifications, such as varietal, region, and vintage. Information about physical wine properties such as sugars, alcohols, acidity, tannins, and chemical compounds are also captured. The result is a far more accurate preference prediction, compared with other predictive wine matching solutions.

These predictions will assist retailers in knowing which wines to sell, and in time the learnings will even enable wineries to better understand which wines will sell and to which target markets. The combined wine experiences and technology platform will connect wineries, retailers, and wine lovers to bring them together to create a better experience for all.

“We believe that by giving winemakers, consumers, and retailers the opportunity to tap into this powerful data, winemaking can evolve to better align with consumer preferences, creating a more profitable system for winemakers and retailers, and making it easier for consumers to choose that perfect bottle, every time,” said the Founder of Rubay Wines, Avron Rubin.

“Choosing the right wine in a world of over 10,000 grape varieties presents a complex dilemma. Rubay’s goal is to ensure that, no matter where you sit in the wine sector, gone are the days of having to rely solely on subjective data and evaluations to make decisions on what wine to buy, sell or grow.”

I absolutely love trying wines that I would never have experienced otherwise, and creating such delicious and fun experience from my own kitchen!

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