The last year and a half has been challenging to say the least, but out of a difficult time we have also seen some phenomenal new business arise, like the wonderful Father/Daughter duo behind ‘The Dough Co’.

Making its mark on kitchens around Melbourne, the business has taken our new love of baking and made it that much easier, so that the whole family could get involved.

So how was this concept created?

The idea for The Dough Co. was hatched in lockdown by my Dad (Mark) and myself (Amy). Mark has over 30 years of experience in the food industry and owns a catering company with a commercial kitchen, where our cookie dough is made. Amy is an Arts / Law student at Monash University with a passion for entrepreneurship.

There’s nothing better than baking as a family. However, it can usually get pretty messy. That’s where we come in! At The Dough Co. we provide ready-to-bake cookie dough that is mess-free. 

Our cookie dough can be moulded into any shape and size and only takes 8 minutes in the oven. You can also keep our cookie dough for up to two months in the fridge, so there is no rush to bake it. 

As most of our customers are families with school children, we know it’s important that our cookies are lunchbox safe. This is why we have made them both egg and nut-free.

I can attest first hand, it’s really the simplest way to make cookies, I baked mine for about 8 minutes, and they were done, quick, and absolutely delicious!

So how can we all get our hands on these delicious cookies?

We are now selling our cookie dough at the Elwood and Brighton Farmer’s Markets. We offer delivery straight to your door if you order through our website and you can also pick up cookie dough directly from our commercial kitchen in West Melbourne.